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About Us

The truth is that home cleaning isn’t merely about keeping your house looking neat and tidy; there are several other benefits that come with a clean home:

Less Stress
Less Allergens
More Presentable
Better Sleep
Eat Healthy
More Productive

We provide all of the above benefits with our pleasurable Adult Cleaning Services, an upscale solution to your needs and desires. Let us provide our sexy unique, clean and one of a kind experience and cater to you in your home. Relax, have a drink and watch our exotic cleaners service your home and ensure we leave you with an experience like no other. With over 10 years of professional residential cleaning we assure to leave you and your home satisfied with each cleaning. The bonus entertainment value of watching our staff clean your home nude, topless or in lingerie will be sure to have you book us again and again for our excellent services. We take pleasure in catering to our professional clientele in the discretion of your home, let us take the stress off your hands. You can watch every move but please do  not touch our staff, special requests may be allowed with consent of management and the maid of your choice.


Professional Adult workers/entrepreneurs are amongst the most productive in which your work week can stretch well over 40 hours during the week. Most manage multiple duties between full time careers, hobbies, families and other things. Your week is packed and left with little time to maintain your home clean and tidy. We want to give you a clean comfortable home to enjoy with our pleasurable services. We go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment that will leave you booking us for more and more to keep your home neat and tidy. Let us cater to you!

Kitchen & Bathroom Clean
  1.  Bathtub, toilet, and sinks thoroughly cleaned

  2.  Mirrors cleaned and dried

  3.  Kitchen cabinets and appliances wiped down

  4.  Microwave and over cleaned

  5.  Change linens in bathroom and bedroom

  6.  Wash, fold, and store laundry

  7.  Clean entryway windows and doors

Overall Rooms Clean
  1.  Overall appearance of rooms will be neat & tidy

  2.  Vacuuming of rugs and carpets

  3.  Broom Sweeping of wood and tile areas

  4.  Trash containers emptied

  5.  Window sills, door frames, switch plates wiped clean

  6.  Polishing of furniture & Baseboards dusted

  7.  Cleaning of glass surfaces

  8.  Picture frames and shelves dusted

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