Life of a Nude Maid - Book

The life of greed, sex, and obsession had me paralyzed from reality. But the money was the motive and my son needed surgery. I had to do what needed to be DONE.


Our Services

Maids Attire: Topless, Lingerie, and Full Nude (depending on request & maids comfort level).

Special requests must be made prior to booking.


Pleasurable Adult Cleaning Services

Established in 2011, we offer exotic nude, topless, or lingerie cleaning services

Lingerie Cleaning
Nude Cleaning
Topless Cleaning
Cook & Serve Dinner/Drinks
**Special Request**

Frequently asked questions


Is physical contact permitted?

Physical contact is NOT PERMITTED.

Are video/pictures are allowed?

Video/Pictures are NOT allowed.

Is client information confidential?

All Client information is kept confidential.

Are special requests allowed?

Special Requests may be allowed, contact us before you book services.

Are escort related services offered?

We are NOT an escort or prostitution service. DO NOT CALL US IF YOU DON’T NEED CLEANING SERVICES.

Are pets allowed?

Pets need to be properly secured while the cleaning service is taking place.

What are the safety rules?

For the safety of our staff and to remain compliant with certain local, state and federal laws. If you are too intoxicated or decide to pleasure yourself, get naked in any way what-so-ever, at the beginning, during or end of the time the girl is there - she will leave immediately, you will not get a refund, and you will be banned from our services for a year.


Can I cancel on the service day?

Cancellation of service same day will result in a $75 fee. If you need to reschedule a 1 time exception will be made.

Are guests allowed?

Guest are not allowed in the home unless you request 1 additional guest (must be preapproved by management).

What is the age criteria?

All clients/guest must be 18 yrs or older to book services.

Are cleaning supplies provided?

Clients must provide all cleaning supplies.

What is the agreement policy?

Non-disclosure must be signed by all clients/staff.

Is ID verification required?

ID must be verified for all clients.

Is outside contact allowed with the staff?

No, client will not exchange contact information with staff at any time. Personal contact outside of the agency is strictly prohibited.

Are safety rules flexible?

No, safety rules must be followed at all times.


Is tipping allowed?

Tipping is allowed and highly encouraged.

When is payment due?

Payment is due at time of booking.


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